My name is Timothy Utton and this website is my way of encouraging people in their faith.  To start, I am producing a podcast called Weekday Boost.  This podcast is meant to be a shot in the arm of encouragement throughout the work week.  I will be using a mix of devotional and inspirational materials through New Testament readings, psalms, spoken hymns, encouraging stories and prayer in under 15 minutes!  In 1st Thessalonians 3:6 the heading is Timothy's Encouraging Report and it talks about how Timothy "has brought us the good news of your faith and love..."" and also in Chapter 5:11, Paul tells us to "encourage one another and build one another up"  So in this website, I hope to echo the same spirit of encouragment for the listeners.

For those interested, the scripture readings for this podcast will consist of approximately one chapter of the New Testament and Psalms.  In fact, I found out that most years have close to 260 weekdays and there are exactly 260 chapters in the New Testament!  We will also read through the Psalms twice throughout the year.  

I pray that you are blessed through this work!


Weekday Boost Feb 12 Podcast

New Testament:  Mark 3

Psalm:  Psalm 31

Encouraging Story: A Valentine Prayer Letter: Husband to Wife

Hymn of the Day: Jesus, Refuge of the weary    Author: Girolamo Savonarola; Translator: Lady Wilde

1 Jesus, refuge of the weary, 
Blest Redeemer, whom we love, 
Fountain in life's desert dreary, 
Savior from the world above: 
Often have Your eyes, offended, 
Gazed upon the sinner's fall; 
Yet upon the cross extended, 
You have borne the pain of all. 

2 Do we pass that cross unheeding, 
Breathing no repentant vow, 
Though we see You wounded, bleeding, 
See Your thorn-encircled brow? 
Yet Your sinless death has brought us 
Life eternal, peace, and rest; 
Only what Your grace hath taught us 
Calms the sinner's deep distress. 

3 Jesus, may our hearts be burning 
With more fervent love for You; 
May our eyes be ever turning 
To behold Your cross anew 
Till in glory, parted never 
From the blessed Savior's side, 
Graven in our hearts forever 
Dwell the cross, the Crucified.

  1. Weekday Boost Feb 12


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    Please use this forum as an opportunity to add your words of encouragement!

    Please use this forum as an opportunity to add your words of encouragement!